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Damon Tommolino                                         631-375-570
Sound Beach NY, 11789


    Queens College, Flushing, New York

                         M.S. in Sec.Art Education, 2001                                                             

        St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York

               B.S. In Education, 1996

Professional Experience

August 1014-       Corinne Asseraf, Galerie 203 - full representation
Corinne Asseraf - Art Agent
Galerie 203, 203 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal Tel: 514.439.4203​ Cell: 514.261.0899

October 2015       BJ Spoke Gallery Solo Exhibition, 
      \\\"In lieu of...\\\" solo exhibition at BJ Spoke Gallery
  BJ Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY 11743 299 Main St.

July 2014       Irrational Portrait Exhibition - Southhampton Arts Center, Southhampton, NY

September 2010       New York Times Color Image & Announcement: 

                                Sunday Arts Calendar

                                -The painting Camouflaged Agenda was printed and 

                                announced as being exhibited at Lotus Gallery, 

                                Rock City Rd., Woodstock, NY.

August 2010           Long Island Pulse Magazine Annual VIP Long Island 

                                Artist List

                                -Named one of Long Island’s VIP artists of 2010 by 

                                senior editor and publisher of Long Island Pulse Magazine, 

                                Nada Marjanovich.

August 2010         Roger Smith Gallery By All Means

                       - Curator and participating artist for a five person thematic 


May 2010               Lotus Gallery, Woodstock, NY - Full Representation

August 2009             Roger Smith Gallery Solo Exhibition and Full 

  Representation, 501 Lexington Ave. & 47th St. 

  16th Floor Solarium Gallery

  - 11 pieces exhibited; 4 sold                                                                             

June 2009                 Representation: Arena Artists, London


May 2009                 Roger Smith Gallery / Panman Production            

                                 - 3 promotional documentary interviews for possible

                                future representation

April 2009              Gallery 4222 Five Man Exhibition: The Playroom

                               - five represented artists collaborating on an

                                installation in the theme of children\\\'s toys.

October 2008           Gallery 4222 Solo Exhibition

                                  - Subsequent, a concentration on sequential movement

                                with regards to time and space.

September-           Gallery 4222 Solo Exhibition

October 2007            -to be eaten, to be divided, to be drunk, signifies

                                  six months worth of work and a concentration on

                                current social and political unrest.

October –               Gallery 4222 Solo Exhibition

November 2006         ♂♀Chronology of the Man and Woman, features

                                  over thirty works ranging studies on paper to large canvas

                                depicting men and women and their interactions since the

                                times of the early hunter gatherer civilizations and/or Adam

                                and Eve.

 October 2006           Chimera Art Exhibition and Fund Raiser for

                                  WPKN, WPKM and WSHU Radio

                                ☼ Martha Clara Vineyards located in Riverhead/

                                  Jamesport was the of this fundraising event for public


                                ☼ There were over 50 artists, writers, and musicians

                                exhibiting their offerings for the show.

                                ☼ 400 plus attended the event with a recorded broadcast

                                for public radio.

                                ☻Interview with LI Pulse’s senioreditor Nada 

                                Marjanovich painting Man and Woman XII was printed

                               and written about in Newsday’s Sunday LI Life section by

                                Aileen Jacobson.

 September 2006         The Chimera Group Considered to Exhibit at the

                                  Long Island Museum in StonyBrook                            

                                  →As co-founder of the group, I have put together an

                                  anthology of images from various artists as a proposal for

                                Eva Greguski, senior curator of Stony Brook Museum and

                                Carriage House. The group will be scheduled for the 2010

                                museum calendar.

August –                   The Hampton Classic

September 2006       Њ Artwork has been selected for 18 feet of wall space at

                              this historic, internationally renowned horse show

                                Over 1,000 horses and over 40,000 spectators attend this

                                event annually

 April 2006                 Walt Whitman Historic Museum/Chimera Art

                                Exhibition, Huntington, NY

                                · 35 artists come to celebrate the theme of “America” with

                                over 45 pieces

                         · This Chimera show consisted of live music and poetry

                               reading from former Suffolk Poet Laureate, George Wallace.

                               · Exhibition has led to a hosted fund raiser event sponsored

                        by NPR at the Martha Clara Vineyard on Long Island.

                                · Exhibition article announced in Newsday’s, LI Life Section

                                written again by Aileen Jacobson. The Eternal Optimist

                                color image printed.

 September 16-         Gallery 4222, 318 Wynn Lane, Port Jefferson, NY

November 2005         ▪ the art group, Chimera, founded by Stephen Brander

                                  and myself had their second show through Gallery 4222

                                 ▪ the painting titled Man and Woman VI was selected by

                                the guest jurors Howardena Pindell and Chris Semergieff

                                for Gallery 4222’s first juried exhibition

                                ▪ granted one year representation through Gallery 4222

 March 20th           ~Newsday Interview and Color Printed Image in

 2005                      LI Life Section

                              · article written by Aileen Jacobson and addresses concepts

                        of a painting titled, Adam and Eve Initial Split that was

                        exhibited in the Walt Whitman Museum from March 23rd

                        through March 30th

                              · the exhibition and publication inspired Suffolk County’s

                                Poet Laureate, George Wallace to write a poem titled,

                                Falling Rain in reaction to pieces he has seen in the Walt

                         Whitman exhibition as well as other galleries

 March 2005           ~International Publication

                              · the painting, Marlene was accepted as a cover for a

                                Sweedish chiropractic journal

                        · the painting, Woman 2003-2004 Eve was placed in the

                         Spanish magazine titled, Chaminade for an article  

                        dedicated to women called Dia de la Mujer